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Students share their ingenious cheating hacks on exams online – including maths equations etched onto their nails and mobile phones hidden in calculators. How College Students Cheat On In-Class Examinations? Amazing ways modern students CHEAT in exams – smart watches are banned from exams, water bottles must have no labels, calculators must have their cases removed, hands must be clean

Could you give up shopping for 30 days? This is my biggest obstacle, by far. I’m getting better, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint if I’m actually over it or if it’s being masked by a combination of shopping for other for the holidays. We should have a no-buy group for a post-holiday detox.

Best Self Tanning Products for Face and Body: I am interested in any kind of self-tanning products for face and/or body. Can you please recommend a few notable ones to try? I dislike orange or yellow in colow

Bold Blue Lipcolor: Tricks for getting coverage on the entire lip surface. I cannot get the lip color to go on the inner portion of my lips when I use a very dark (blue) shade. Do I use a lip or eyeliner first, over the whole lip?

Which Do You Prefer, online shopping or in store shopping? What Do You Buy Online vs. in Stores? I buy stuff online that tends to be badly overpriced in stores. As both online and in-store shopping move into the future, Ready to experience online shopping like never before?

Professional clothes in a FREEZING office? So my office is really, really cold — I’d say 55-60. I am small and have poor circulation. Dress code is business casual, so I don’t need to be super dressed up, but I can’t wear hoodies, and I’d like to err on the professional side of business casual. […]

What’s the difference between clothing and beauty dupes to you? why are beauty dupes pretty widely accepted without any/much criticism when fast fashion is facing heavy criticism for copying designs? Do you support beauty dupes?

Winter coats advice: What fashionable winter coats will you be wearing or do you want to buy this winter? I saw a post about practical winter coats, but I’m looking for the opposite.

What’s the Most Difficult Item for You to Shop for? I think it’s less me trying to find the ‘perfect’ pair of jeans because by the end of the day I settle, but I think it’s the action of putting on and taking off jeans while silently critiquing every food decision

Ideal Feminine Beauty Project: My college class on Sociology is presented with a project about “Ideal Feminine Beauty” and what it really means. I purchased a vogue magazine, and am paging through it to find any patterns or interesting things of note.