Could you give up shopping for 30 days? If not, what would be the biggest obstacle?

For me, shopping for clothes and makeup absolutely. I do that already I called it “beggars can be choosy”.

This is my biggest obstacle, by far. I’m getting better, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint if I’m actually over it or if it’s being masked by a combination of shopping for other for the holidays (arguably more exciting than shopping for myself, I tend to go big) and knowing that my birthday and Christmas are coming and knowing I’ll be getting new things. I guess January will be the test. We should have a no-buy group for a post-holiday detox.

A year ago I would’ve thought “sure, I shop like once every 4 months!” but now… I don’t know lol. Been having a real bad case of fashion over-consumption. Too much Pinterest, bloggers and Vogue.

Slowing down on fashion purchases is on top of my new year’s resolutions list. It’s not going to be easy because a lot of stuff in fashion inspires me at the moment and there’s always something that I see and go “ugh that would be PERFECT for that one outfit”.