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New acne face wash: Question about salicylic acid in Neutrogena mens skin clearing acne wash. Purchased a new acne face wash (Neutrogena mens skin clearing acne wash) and it has 2.5% of salicylic acid in it. The directions are not super clear so I was curious is this product applied all over my face?

What is the best hair color for you? Some we know enjoy various hair color changes each season. What is the best hair color to choose if you want a change? Have you ever found a product you thought was good to give a fun color?

What’s the difference between Emulsion, Lotions and Creams? Can someone tell me the differences between Emulsion, Lotions, & Creams? I was shopping for some skin care products the other day and was a little confused about the terms used. What’s the difference between cream, lotion and emulsions?

Best Self Tanning Products for Face and Body: I am interested in any kind of self-tanning products for face and/or body. Can you please recommend a few notable ones to try? I dislike orange or yellow in colow

Bold Blue Lipcolor: Tricks for getting coverage on the entire lip surface. I cannot get the lip color to go on the inner portion of my lips when I use a very dark (blue) shade. Do I use a lip or eyeliner first, over the whole lip?

What’s the difference between clothing and beauty dupes to you? why are beauty dupes pretty widely accepted without any/much criticism when fast fashion is facing heavy criticism for copying designs? Do you support beauty dupes?