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Unsolicited gifts and your curated or capsule wardrobe? How do you incorporate gifts into your wardrobe? Do you just tactfully tell people that you keep a tightly curated wardrobe? Ask for exactly what you want? Or embrace the wild card element that is introduced into your style by gifts

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Could you give up shopping for 30 days? This is my biggest obstacle, by far. I’m getting better, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint if I’m actually over it or if it’s being masked by a combination of shopping for other for the holidays. We should have a no-buy group for a post-holiday detox.

Which Do You Prefer, online shopping or in store shopping? What Do You Buy Online vs. in Stores? I buy stuff online that tends to be badly overpriced in stores. As both online and in-store shopping move into the future, Ready to experience online shopping like never before?

Professional clothes in a FREEZING office? So my office is really, really cold — I’d say 55-60. I am small and have poor circulation. Dress code is business casual, so I don’t need to be super dressed up, but I can’t wear hoodies, and I’d like to err on the professional side of business casual. […]

Winter coats advice: What fashionable winter coats will you be wearing or do you want to buy this winter? I saw a post about practical winter coats, but I’m looking for the opposite.

What’s the Most Difficult Item for You to Shop for? I think it’s less me trying to find the ‘perfect’ pair of jeans because by the end of the day I settle, but I think it’s the action of putting on and taking off jeans while silently critiquing every food decision