Which Do You Prefer, online shopping or in store shopping? What Do You Buy Online vs. in Stores?

Online Shopping vs In Store Shopping

Online Shopping vs In Store Shopping

Online Shopping vs In Store Shopping

Day-by-day, the society has changed the way of shopping. It looks that everything should be convenient and simple. There are many people, who prefer online shopping to buy products, because they can easily compare the cost of product to find the best deal. Whereas, many people love in- store shopping, because they can physically check what they are buying. So, which one you like? Here in this inforgraphic, we have compared some major differences of online shopping and off-line shopping.

If I can buy it locally at a price at least close to what it goes for online I do… Sadly, the local shops can rarely compete.

I’ve got a Fry’s near me, which competes well with online retailers for electronics, games, etc. I’ll still go online for some of that stuff if I don’t want or need it immediately.

For me, 100% in-store for shoes, tailored clothing, food & drink.

Nearly 100% online for electronics, computer hardware & software.

And that graph – 57% of food, beer and wine is purchased online? Shenanigans!

I buy stuff online that tends to be badly overpriced in stores. Printer ink, water filters for my coffee machine, label-maker tape, laptop batteries, low-tech electronics like USB hubs and card readers, Mach3 replacement blades…those are what come to mind off the bat.

I’ve bought clothes online and typically have good luck. I shop at stores I like, and know my sizes pretty well. It takes some practice I guess.

Buying online versus in the store

I prefer to shop in-store but rarely get the opportunity to. My favorite thing to do is seek out the latest and newest items, which the stores often do not carry. Or if they do, they stock it weeks after Sephora.com has it.

Although 95% of my orders are online, I LOVE going to the Sephora stores. Take an hour ago, I walked up to the store just as the doors were being closed. I told the associate that I knew exactly what I wanted and she let me in! (Shout-out to Sephora Georgetown!) Unfortunately, they did not have the item in stock but the service was wonderful.

So you need a new jacket for work. Would you prefer to browse the web and buy it online? Or will you go into a store to make your purchase? Could you pinpoint why you made that decision?

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