What’s the difference between clothing and beauty dupes to you? why are beauty dupes pretty widely accepted without any/much criticism when fast fashion is facing heavy criticism for copying designs? Do you support beauty dupes?

Winter coats advice: What fashionable winter coats will you be wearing or do you want to buy this winter? I saw a post about practical winter coats, but I’m looking for the opposite.

What’s the Most Difficult Item for You to Shop for? I think it’s less me trying to find the ‘perfect’ pair of jeans because by the end of the day I settle, but I think it’s the action of putting on and taking off jeans while silently critiquing every food decision

Ideal Feminine Beauty Project: My college class on Sociology is presented with a project about “Ideal Feminine Beauty” and what it really means. I purchased a vogue magazine, and am paging through it to find any patterns or interesting things of note.