[New acne face wash] Hey guys Newbie here with a question about salicylic acid

Hey everyone so I recently purchased a new acne face wash (Neutrogena mens skin clearing acne wash) and it has 2.5% of salicylic acid in it. The directions are not super clear so I was curious is this product applied all over my face or just specific points of acne like my BP 10%?

I just do not wanna over do it and cause irritation all over my skin but have been using 10% BP with good results, just wanted to add this in there to help improve things.

Question about salicylic acid in Neutrogena mens skin clearing acne wash

Expert Answer: Typically the salicylic acid in face washes doesn’t stay on the face long enough to be as productive as a leave on product.

I just left a comment on a different question about using a leave on BHA (salicylic acid) product for acne. I started with Paula’s Choice 1% and built up to using it a few days a week. Stridex in the red box is also a product that’s recommended a lot in this community, but I’ve personally never tried it.

As for your face wash, my opinion is always to start out slow and see how your skin responds before adding to it. In this case, maybe start on the acne prone parts of your face and work up to a higher frequency of use. Hope this helps you!

What do you think about salicylic acid in Neutrogena mens skin clearing acne wash?